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About Us

LESHRON Hair Growth Oil is produced by Leshron Investments & Services Ltd., a Canada based company. Our product was born out of the passion to provide "everyone" regardless of where they reside on the planet earth the opportunity to be able grow a hair that they are proud of and can without thinking twice leave their homes for whatever occasion it is whether work or social events flaunting their own hair with pride, thereby spending less on the purchase of wigs and hair extensions.

Our oil is a must have for all households as an essential part of your hair routine. It is made from natural and edible ingredients, making it safe for everyone; children and adult. No more 'winter or protective' hairstyles hair loss. LESHRON Hair Growth oil provides fast hair growth, deep conditioning, 24hr moisturizing, detangling, anti-frizz, and hair loss prevention benefits. It is a great tonic for your hair overall health, growth, and beauty.

Join happy customers like Mary, Taylor, Melinda, Stacy and many others who have joined the family and nothing but good experiences to share.  We can't wait to have you on board.

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